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Simply Put.... Shit I LOVE.

Schoolboy Q and A$AP Rocky killed this track….. My fave on HnC


after the smoke - oiam

Party Hard with Zombies…..

A$AP Rocky - Pretty Flacko

On repeat right now….. Schoolboy Q - Blessed feat Kendrick Lamar Can’t wait for HABITS & Contradictions to drop Jan. 15th.

My sides hurt from laughing so hard….

(Source: youtube)

It’s Freezing in Here….. lmao

Gene Marks.....

is quite ignorant and some what arrogant for the article he wrote entitled, “If I Were A Poor Black Kid.”  Well Mr. Marks, that……you are NOT. And this is where his attempt at offering help to the socio-economically disadvantaged minority youth of our nation should have stopped.  Yes, the article does offer some great resources, but totally over looks the fact that there are other factors come into play. Such as hmmmm, oppression. Yes, in perfect world, hard work and developing strong relationships with positive role models and counselors does assist one to excel.  But if only the world were that simple.